Dwell – an introduction

When I couldn’t get the word dwell out of my mind I decided to look at it a little closer and a little deeper. As any good student would- I began by searching for the word in the dictionary.

dwelled play <!–
\ˈdweld, ˈdwelt\
or dwelt play <!–
; dwelling

intransitive verb

1 :to remain for a time

  • dwell in the hallway

2 a :to live as a resident

  • the town in which he dwelled for eight years
  • the dwelling place of the gods

b :exist, lie

  • where the heart of the matter dwells

3 a :to keep the attention directed used with on or upon

  • tried not to dwell on my fears

b :to speak or write insistently used with on or upon

  • reporters dwelling on the recent scandal




From there I searched in the back of my bible as well as some other resource tools I had nearby: The New Strong’s expanded exhaustive concordance of the bible (hereafter referred to as Strong’s) and the Theological Word Study of the Old Testament (TWOT). I discovered that the word dwell  or some version of it appears approximately 727 times depending on the translation you are reading. That’s enough for almost twice a day for each day of the year! (Side note: I have always heard that “be not afraid” appears 365 times – once for each day of the year). Our word appears throughout the bible starting in Genesis and all the way through to Revelation. It is used in multiple ways with multiple meanings.

What words come to mind when you think of dwell?

If your bible includes a concordance does it suggest how many times dwell appears on the pages?

Open your bible and read Genesis 4.

What word does your translation use for dwell in Genesis 4:16?

Did anything else about this chapter jump out at you or did you learn something new about this well known story?

Does your bible offer any cross referencing verses to look up?

Take some time to pray and look over these questions- I would love it if you would share your answers but no pressure 😉

Join me back here on Thursday for a video and a little more discussion on Dwelling in the land of Nod.





  1. Love your questions and perspective! Congratulations, well done! Now I will reflect and dwell on your insight!😜👏


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