Sometimes it’s just noisy…

I have mentioned a lot about how noisy I think it is in Kansas City.  This is something that has stuck with me and is often how I describe Kansas City when people ask how I like living here. I remember just over a year ago as I was standing outside of a church in my hometown of Ponca, Nebraska and remarking to my dad about how quiet it was and how bright the stars were shining.

I recently returned to a rainy Kansas City on a Saturday evening after three full days of worship, praise and learning at the Lifeway Women’s Leadership Forum in Hendersonville, Tennessee. As I wearily crawled into bed that night I intentionally laid in the darkness and listened…and do you know what I heard? The gentle rain coming down. No loud motorcycles, no emergency sirens, no noisy creatures in the trees in my backyard. The night was quiet and soothing and peaceful.

“The whole earth is calm and at rest.”

Psalm 14:7a CSB She Reads Truth Bible

I am still working to process all of the information from the Forum but one thing for certain is that God was there. God is here. God is speaking to me in this season of my life. When I focus on the noise of this world, I hear the noise of this world. When I focus on the peace of God, I hear the peace of God and all the goodness that comes with that. I am learning to clear the clutter in my head, keep my eyes fixed on Jesus and as the old saying goes “bloom where planted”. I wouldn’t have chosen to live in the city but this is where God has placed us. I must just Be Still and Trust Him (Psalm 46:10).



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