Expect the Unexpected or Why the setting matters…

There is a television show with the theme is “expect the unexpected” but isn’t that kind of the theme in life? We never really know what is going to happen next, but if we trust in God we can have faith that His hand is on our futures and He will not lead us astray. But I do think in certain situations we should know what we are getting, right? Like if I go to a hockey game – I am going to see players skating and attempting to hit a small black disk into a net. If I go to a rock concert I expect noise and dancing and lights. If I go to the symphony I expect something a little more reserved. When I talk to my democratic friends I am not surprised by their statements and when I go to church I expect….

well depending on the church and what I know about it the expectations might be different. While I do not profess to know everything about how everyone worships, I have thought I had a general idea of what to expect when walking into a pretty mainstream traditional protestant service. I was wrong.

I sat through a message where the pastor advised his flock that he did not believe that Jesus was the only explicit way to Heaven. If you acted in ways that showed faith then that was good too and everyone would be saved in the end. I was speechless for about half an hour…and then went on a passionate “rant” that my darling children started to videotape.

What disappoints me most about this situation is that I was speechless. I had the opportunity to stand up, point to bible passages and declare my own beliefs and I failed. I want to be bold for Christ and I failed. I even said to my husband, “if we had just walked into some church we didn’t know anything about I wouldn’t have been as surprised by this message.” and “surely, we misunderstood, right?”

We didn’t misunderstand.

While I failed in standing up at that moment I feel I succeeded in other ways. I was able to realize how passionate I can be about Jesus being the ONLY WAY to salvation. I was able to open conversations with my children and other loved ones and I am even more encouraged that sharing God’s word through this blog, through social media and while I attend school is the path God has for me.

The world is full of expectations and expecting the unexpected depending on the setting of your story. The truth that doesn’t change is God’s Word. I encourage you to open His word, know His word and be bold if you are ever faced with unexpected words in unexpected places.

Read Joshua 1:9 and remember this promise!

  1. Have you ever had an experience like this?
  2. Are you normally rendered speechless?
  3. Is it easy for you to passionately share about things you believe in?
  4. What is your favorite verse that supports the belief that Jesus is the Only Way?

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