It’s been a few weeks! sorry to be quiet. I have had some great ideas to talk with you all about just having a delay in putting those ideas into cohesive thoughts and deciding if I want to write or video about it.

Just to give you a few things to think about it…Can you identify at least one person in the bible who:

  1. Gave excuses to God when God gave them an assignment?
  2. Immediately followed God?
  3. Encouraged someone who was called by God?
  4. Prayed for their friends?
  5. Cried?

I would love to encourage you to spend some time in your bible and share the scripture references and people who come to mind in the bible and then perhaps- can you identify with any of the 5 descriptions above?

Let’s have some real conversation about this because y’all – I NEED IT! I need some real talk, some encouragement, some prayer, some accountability and probably a good cry! How about you?

Let’s commit to being active participants in life. Not the friend who just reads, likes and moves on- but the friend who talks, who reaches out, and engages in face to face (or voice to voice) life with God’s people. We are better when we dwell together!


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